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Clear2Pay launches validated M/Chip Advance Test Solution

Clear2Pay says that its M/Chip Advance Test Solution has been analysed and validated by FIME, a renowned EMVCo and MasterCard accredited test laboratory. The Test Suite

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M/Chip Advance Test Solution

enables card vendors to save time and money when developing and validating the newest generation of MasterCard payment cards.

M/Chip Advance is MasterCard’s latest EMV-based payment platform for traditional debit, credit and prepaid cards facilitating the deployment of contactless applications and enabling applications such as transit and loyalty. Prior to rolling out M/Chip Advance cards, vendors require certification by a MasterCard accredited test laboratory to ensure that their cards are compliant to MasterCard’s M/Chip Advance specifications.

Clear2Pay’s M/Chip Advance Test Solution was rigorously analysed on FIME’s test bench and met every requirement of the validation test plan. The Test Suite includes about 2500 pre-defined, automated test cases split into two test libraries: payment and data storage. It can be used as a benchmark tool during the product’s development phase and facilitates a fast and cost-efficient approval by recognised test laboratories.

Pascal Le Ray, General Manager at FIME, comments: “We’re pleased to confirm that Clear2Pay’s test solution implements the latest mandatory M/Chip Advance requirements. The solution will be of value to card vendors as it encourages an efficient and successful approval process by ensuring the card product is test-ready before being submitted for formal MasterCard certification.”

Marie Costers, General Manager of Clear2Pay’s Open Test Solutions, adds: “With value-added payments thriving and EMV migrations at an all-time high, we’re delighted to be able to offer card vendors this unique facility. In this fast-paced environment, a rapid time to market is more important than ever. Clear2Pay’s solution gives our customers the edge they need, allowing them to approach the mandatory certification process with confidence.”

Note: Come and experience the M/Chip Advance Test Tool showcase at the Cartes Trade Show from 19 to 21 November in Paris. Clear2Pay booth: 3E018.

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