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CaixaBank to invest €500m in next-generation ATMs

CaixaBank to invest €500m in next-generation ATMs

Spain’s CaixaBank has signed an agreement with ATM manufacturer Fujitsu to manufacture 8,500 new terminals featuring cutting-edge technology and to innovate jointly on a global scale.

An ATM which looks like R2D2

CaixaBank is investing in next-generation ATMs

The new ATMs are fitted with contactless readers capable of scanning cards, mobile phones and wearables, and all offer banknote recognition technology, among other improvements. CaixaBank boasts Spain’s largest ATM network and the third-largest across Europe. In the last year alone, 7.5 million people a month used CaixaBank’s ATMs.

CaixaBank intends to start installation of the first new generation ATMs this year. The process will run for the next ten years, concluding in 2024. Fujitsu has already started making the new CaixaBank terminals at its facility in Málaga.

The terminals provide service to both clients of CaixaBank and non-member users. A total of 1.5 million non-members of CaixaBank made use of its machines every month. On a global scale, CaixaBank terminals carried out 560 million transactions a year. Cash withdrawals alone exceeded €32.4 billion a year.

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