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BlueSnap EU launch sees 115% growth in mobile checkout transactions

BlueSnap says that they have seen 115% growth in mobile checkout transactions since launching in Europe.

As a PSP, BlueSnap offers e-commerce merchants a unique solution with a gateway, an instant merchantBlueSnap Logo account and processing all-in-one. The Powered Buy Platform is a next-generation global payment gateway that solves checkout abandonment by providing frictionless mobile checkout for consumers and simple integration to the platform for online merchants.

With robust mobile-ready APIs and embedded hosted checkout pages, the platform helps merchants optimize the e-commerce opportunity and increase their conversions.

“We are thrilled with the growth of mobile transactions in Europe since launching our PSP offering over a year ago,” said Ralph Dangelmaier CEO, at BlueSnap. “We’ve invested millions in our Platform so it is great to see our merchants converting more shoppers to buyers.”

For merchants that aren’t having a lot of success on mobile, the Checkout Conversion Index (CCI) can tell them why. Last week, BlueSnap released the latest Index which measures how well merchants are doing at moving consumers through the end-to-end buying process.

The CCI is a quarterly Index and accompanying report that benchmark the performance of 657 retailers which represent over 70% of all eCommerce retail spend.

The Index uses 55 attributes to inform merchants of the friction in their pre-and post-checkout experiences. Merchants can find out how they compare to the index and where they may be having checkout abandonment by taking the Checkout Conversion Calculator.

The two-part questionnaire takes just 10 minutes and will help merchants discover the points of friction at checkout that are causing high abandonment rates and lost sales.

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