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Bitpanda launches debit card that combines all assets into one card in real time

Bitpanda is now taking pre-orders for their first physical product – the Bitpanda Card, facilitated by Visa.

Bitpanda Card

Bitpanda launches debit card that combines all assets into one card in real time

The card is linked to any asset in a user’s Bitpanda portfolio, allowing the user to switch the linked asset at any time via the Bitpanda App and enables them to use digital assets such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency holdings to shop online and in stores worldwide.

Transactions are processed immediately, and users get a real-time push notification every time the card is used. Along with this, payments can also be contactless, through Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Customers can use the Bitpanda app to switch between payment assets. For instance, users will be able to book their flight with Bitcoin or renew their Netflix subscription with gold.

Users can pay any way they want, instantly, anywhere. All of this with no card fees, no monthly account fees and up to 2% cashback in Bitcoin for every time they make a purchase.

“We wanted to build a product that is missing in the market by asking ourselves why it wasn’t possible to spend your investments at any time you want,” explains Eric Demuth, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitpanda

“We answered this question with the Bitpanda Card, allowing users to spend any of their assets, be that with crypto, metals or fiat, as they please. No topping up is required.

Everything that holds value should be treated equally and should be possible to use as you wish. The arrival of the Bitpanda Card comes at a time where cryptocurrencies and digital assets are moving into the public eye faster than ever.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle in the world of digital finance.”

Scaling Europe

Currently doubling revenue annually with over 1.6 million users, Bitpanda has established itself as Europe’s leading platform for trading digital assets and precious metals.

Through its desktop site and mobile apps, users have access to more than 50 investment assets such as cryptocurrencies and precious metals backed by state-of-the-art technology.

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