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Bitcoin hits new high of $1,000 as Chinese investors pile in

Bitcoin hits new high of $1,000 as Chinese investors pile in

As 2017 rolled into force, and with the bulk of the other financial markets closed, Bitcoin took to the main stage, hitting a new high of over $1,000.

A single Bitcoin  was trading at $1,025 Monday morning, according to pricing data from Coin Market Cap. Other big exchanges such as Bitfinex, Kraken and Coinbsae showed the cryptocurrency topped $1,000 late Sunday, according to a report from

The fresh high for Bitcoin is now trading at levels not seen since November 2013. The digital currency rose more than 100% in 2016, and some expect the price could reach as much as $3,000 in 2017.

The cryptocurrency looked set to reach $1,000 in the waning days of 2016, after taking out a key level above $800 in early December. Analysts have attributed a range of factors to bitcoin’s strength, including increased adoption by professional investors and fears of instability surrounding the world’s biggest economies.

Bitcoin price surge

Bitcoin’s price has been climbing since the US election results, which put upward pressure on the US dollar. Among those who have been scooping up the cryptocurrency are the Chinese, as they seek protection from depreciation of the Chinese yuan, or the renminbi, which has been sliding in the face of a strong dollar.

On Monday, some were citing China once again as a factor behind bitcoin’s rise. Under current laws, Chinese citizens can exchange up to $50,000 worth of yuan a year, but some are worried that expectations for fresh outflows as the new year begins will force officials to make new moves on capital controls.

That annual quota will reset on Tuesday, and some say there could be a rush for individuals to use up that limit upon the reopening of banks after the new year holiday.

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