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Barclays launches biometric reader for corporate clients

Barclays corporate customers will be able to log into their online accounts by scanning their fingers with biometric readers using vein authentication technology from Hitachi. From 2015, corporate customers will be able to access their accounts and authorise payments with the reader, eliminating the need for , PINs, passwords and authentication codes.


Barclays is launching biometric readers for corporate clients

According to Hitachi, vein patterns offer a stronger level of security than fingerprints as they are extremely difficult to spoof or replicate and the scanned finger must be attached to a live human body for authentication. The finger vein pattern is stored on a SIM card embedded within the Barclays device but the bank itself will not hold the data and there will be no public record of it.

The reader will allow for 20 errors in scanning before it will lock users out of a linked treasury system. The scanner takes only a few seconds to verify a registered user’s finger vein pattern, which then acts as a digital signature for online account access and authorising transactions.

The reader is designed as a desktop tool for PCs and is attached via a USB connection. Barclays has not yet announced plans to roll the technology out to retail customers or modify the service to work with tablets or mobiles.

Ashok Vaswani, CEO Barclays personal and corporate banking, said: “This solution is at the leading edge of innovation and is in direct response to client concerns about the threat of online fraud while making our customers’ lives easier through its convenience. We have shown the technology to a range of business and the interest and enthusiasm for the product is tremendous.”



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