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As FinTechs go for product-led growth, quality matters most

Today’s neobanks and FinTechs want to expand the range of services they offer customers. Adrian Marinica, Technical Manager at Maxcode explains why quality – from product design and development through to testing and implementation – is crucial to success.

As FinTechs go for product-led growth, quality matters

Neobanks and FinTechs have had a huge impact on the financial services market over the last decade.

By 2028, it’s estimated almost one in three Europeans will hold a digital-only bank account, while the effect of Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) such as Sweden’s Klarna or checkout.com has been so huge as to require no further discussion here.

As these organisations continue to grow and challenge the status quo in financial services, they are looking to develop and expand their product portfolios, offering customers more services and – they hope – enhancing their revenues and profitability.

In doing so, FinTechs will rightly be concerned about getting new products to market rapidly and ensuring that the capital they employ in creating and launching new products is used as efficiently as possible.

So far, so good. But time to market and value for money are only two considerations, and quite possibly not the most significant. More important, in our experience, is a commitment to quality throughout the design, development, testing and launch phases of a new product.

Quality as a philosophy

On a practical level, there’s the commonly-held idea about Quality Assurance (QA) in software development – namely, that QA means product testing.

At Maxcode, we have taken the idea of quality far beyond mere testing with a Quality Auditing process that looks at key components of software development in three phases.

Firstly, we audit products in the key areas of process, development, testing, operability and GDPR and data security.

Then we report to clients in a second phase, implementing our findings as a third phase following extensive discussion. This approach saves time and money by eliminating errors before thousands of end users start using your products and trusting you with their data.

“Our commitment to quality is core to our approach as a company.”

At a deeper level, our commitment to quality is core to our approach as a company.

From the outset, we work with FinTechs and neobanks to optimize the design of their products so that they are reliable, high-performing, cost-effective to develop and implement, and offer the best possible experience to the end user.

Examples of this approach in action include assessing our clients’ development processes and suggesting improvements where relevant. This ensures a great end product for users and a smooth experience for those involved in the development process.

Creating a great product means more than just delivering great code written by gifted developers, meticulous debugging or user testing: it means asking the right questions from the outset, and offering our clients outstanding support at every stage of the product design, development, testing and implementation processes.

At Maxcode, we offer custom software development services to our FinTech partners, helping them improve their customer payment experiences.

For a discussion about how we can help you deliver the best possible quality products to market, get in touch with Andreea Zanfirescu or Contact Maxcode


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