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AmEx launches Quick Chip for EMV card transactions at POS

American Express has announced the availability of Amex Quick Chip, a technology that enables merchants to provide a more seamless experience at the point of sale for Card Members when they pay with their EMV chip cards.

Amex Quick Chip is available to merchant processors, which may deploy the service to interested US

AmEx launches Quick Chip for EMV card transactions at POS

AmEx launches Quick Chip for EMV card transactions at POS

merchants through a software update to the merchants’ EMV-enabled payment terminals. This provides another option for merchants in industries where having a fast check-out process is especially important.

EMV technology reduces the risk of fraud stemming from counterfeit payment cards by storing information on a microprocessor chip embedded in a card. Card Members dip or insert their EMV cards into a merchant’s payment terminal instead of swiping their cards.

With Amex Quick Chip, Card Members can dip their Card during the check-out process and remove it before the transaction is completed. This can reduce the time Card Members must keep their Cards inserted in the terminal, providing an experience similar to swiping a magnetic stripe card and enabling merchants to streamline the checkout experience.

Importantly, Amex Quick Chip continues to offer the same protection against counterfeit cards that traditional chip card technology does.

“Reducing friction for Card Members and merchants is a key priority for American Express,” said Mike Matan, Vice President, Global Network Business, American Express. “Amex Quick Chip provides merchants operating in industries where fast checkout speed is critical with an option for ensuring Card Members can quickly and efficiently pay for purchases with their EMV chip cards.”

Amex Quick Chip is compatible with the technical standards used in Quick Chip services offered by other payment networks, enabling processors and their merchants to easily implement these solutions across all card brands that they accept.

Amex Quick Chip is currently available to processors, merchants and vendors in the US. Interested parties may download the Amex Quick Chip Technical Manual at to review implementation requirements for the service.

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