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Alipay partners with European mobile wallets for QR code interoperability

Alipay will collaborate with six mobile wallets across Europe, to enable QR code-based digital payment interoperability for travellers both in Europe and from China.

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Alipay partners with European mobile wallets for QR code interoperability

Alipay is working with European brands Bluecode, ePassi, momo Pocket, Pagaqui, Pivo and Vipps to establish the platform.

The intent is that users of these six European mobile wallets – estimated to be 5 million people – will be able to make QR code payments with their apps at nearly 200,000 merchants in 10 European countries, while Alipay’s Chinese customers will also be able to make payments to those merchants when they visit Europe.

“It has always been our vision to enable European banks with a widely accepted European mobile payment offering,” says Christian Pirkner, CEO of Bluecode.

“As a payment solution provider, we naturally support this collaboration of European wallets agreeing on a technical format. Even more compelling that it is compatible with Asia’s leading lifestyle app Alipay.”

The partners have agreed to use a compatible QR code format provided by Alipay; ePassi and Bluecode will provide the technical services to enable the integration process.

“We feel honoured to help promote a smart lifestyle and digital experiences in Europe, while continuing to connect more merchants with more Chinese tourists,” says Eric Jing, chairman and CEO at Ant Financial.

Launched in 2004, Alipay currently serves more than 1 billion users with its Asia-based local e-wallets partners. Alipay’s in-store payment service covers more than 50 markets across the world, and tax reimbursement via the app is supported in 35 markets.

“This unique cooperation is a testament to how collaboration in Europe can simplify the market for businesses and users to create better outcome for everyone,” comments Rune Garbog, CEO of Vipps.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about new partners joining this collaboration, giving all our combined users broader possibilities for using their preferred mobile app also when travelling abroad.”

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