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4 million active users of mobile banking in Poland

4 million active users of mobile banking in Poland

Smartphones are changing the way people make daily decisions. They are used not only to communicate or entertain. Mobile applications make different services accessible to customers regardless the place, time and without the need to use a computer.

Most frequently used apps in Poland are banking and, in the second place, m-

A laptop, mobile phone and tablet with mobile banking apps

4 million active users of mobile banking in Poland

commerce[1] ones. Banking apps bring a significant change in everyday life, offer comfort and real benefits. Other sectors are still lagging behind and use mobile applications to communicate with clients rather than to facilitate them everyday use of their services.

185 million of Europeans (ca. 25 %) already use mobile banking[2]. Poland and Turkey are the leaders, almost every bank in these countries offers mobile apps. In Poland there are 4 million active users of mobile banking and almost one quarter (over 950,000) of them are mBank’s customers[3].

Experts predict, that m-commerce’s value in Poland is going to significantly increase from €250 million in 2014 to €625 million this year and €850 million in 2016[4]. In 2014 about 5 million people in Poland bought a product, an app or service by smartphone. The problem is that only one third of e-commerce companies have adjusted their websites to mobile devices (ca. 31%).

Generally, each year, both in m-banking and m-commerce in Poland there is a visible growing number of active users. The main difference is that almost all Polish commercial bank offers innovative apps, whereas e-commerce is still backwards in bringing mobile apps onto the market.

[1] According to PayPal and IPSOS Global Mobile Research 2015 mobile commerce grows three times faster than whole e-commerce in Poland


[3] As for March 2015, data collected from 13 banks

[4] M-commerce in Europe, US and Poland report by,

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