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Spain 2018/2019

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Payment Organisations
Euro 6000, Sistema 4B, ServiRed  

Domestic Payment Brands
Euro 6000, Sistema 4B, ServiRed; mostly co-badged Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, or Electron for international use New domestic card scheme, absorbs Euro6000, ServiRed and 4B.

Market Structure
Cards in issue had grown strongly to 79.2 million by end-2008, then falling to 68.0 million at end-2014, and recovering from 2015.

Credit/delayed debit card market share is 66.2% (2017).
The POS and ATM acceptance infrastructures are one of the most extensive in Europe; multi-acquiring inflates terminal numbers.

In 2018, the merger of the three domestic payment schemes will enable to simplify the ATM/POS infrastructures at less cost.

Consolidation of the Spanish savings bank sector from 45 to 2 banks, and continued consolidation in the commercial bank sector.

Decentralised infrastructure, composed of 34 major issuer banks, 20 major acquirers, five processors, 30 PSPs, three ATM/POS networks (Euro 6000, ServiRed, Sistema 4B), 43 payment institutions and six e-money institutions, all resident in Spain.

Acquirer joint ventures between banks and international players.

Banking groups on European level: Banco Santander, BBVA.
Emerging Open Banking ecosystem.

Notable Market Trends
HCE NFC payments, MyBank, digital wallets, card-less ATMs,
Immediate Payments, Bizum app, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay.

Statistical Key Figures for 2017 provided in this profile:

UPDATED: tables with card business data 2013-2017; growth rates: Y-o-Y, CAGR
Population, Cards per Capita, Card Value per Capita
Debit Cards, Credit/Delayed Debit Cards, Total Cards
Card payments by number and by value, ATV per card, payments per card/year
ATMs, POS terminals, ATMs/POS terminals per 1 million capita
ATM withdrawals by number/by value, ATV per withdrawal, TXs per ATM/month
POS payments by number/by value, ATV per POS payment, TXs per POS/month
Internet Use, e-payment mix, B2C e-Commerce by value and growth rate
Issued Card brands by individual major issuer bank
Accepted card brands by individual major acquirer
Drill down into the debit card use and credit cards use details

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