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Norway 2020/2021

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Payment Organisation

Nordic processor NETS absorbed BBS in 2010. 

VBB AS absorbed Vipps, BankID and BankAxept. 

Domestic Card Brand

BankAxept debit cards; mostly co-badged VISA or Electron. 

BankAxess is the domestic online bank transfer service for payments of purchases in online shops. 

Vipps, the mobile payments app of the Norwegian banks 

Market Structure

Cards with a debit function are predominant. The domestic BankAxept debit card system accounted for 64.88% of card transactions in Norway and abroad in 2019; including all debit cards, the proportion is 87.44%.

Credit cards continued to grow in the past five years. 

Card use, already among the highest in Europe, hit 476.2 payments per capita including cashbacks (310 on BankAxept debit cards) in 2019. 

The Norwegian banks joined DNB to make the mobile payment app, Vipps, the ‘only mobile wallet’ for Norwegian customers. 

In June 2018, the merger of Vipps, BankAxept and BankID Norway was completed and approved by Norway’s regulator. 

Emerging Open Banking ecosystem. 

Notable Market Trends

Mobile HCE NFC wallets, contactless BankAxept cards, Vipps, 

cardless payments, tokenisation security, biometric cards.


 UPDATED: tables with card business data 2015-2019; growth rates: Y-o-Y, CAGR
 Population, Cards per Capita, Card Value per Capita
 Debit Cards, Credit/Delayed Debit Cards, Total Cards
 Card payments by number and by value, ATV per card, payments per card/year
 ATMs, POS terminals, ATMs/POS terminals per 1 million capita
 ATM withdrawals by number/by value, ATV per withdrawal, TXs per ATM/month
 POS payments by number/by value, ATV per POS payment, TXs per POS/month
 Internet Use, e-payment mix, B2C e-Commerce by value and growth rate
 Issued Card brands by individual major issuer bank
 Accepted card brands by individual major acquirer
 Drill down into the debit card use and credit cards use details 


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