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Payment Organization 


Domestic Card Brand 

No domestic card brands. 

Market Structure 

  • The Latvian card market has a competitive, decentralized, infrastructure composed of eight major issuers, seven major acquirers, card processors, six ATM networks and four POS networks. 
  • The number of Latvian payment cards reached 2.38 million in 2015, slightly down from 2014 (but recovering to 2007 levels). 
  • In 2015, total bank cards issued were equivalent to 1.20 per capita; 72.0% of bank cards were debit cards. 
  • As in other Baltic states, the domestic banking market is dominated by the banks from Sweden. 
  • In 2014, Latvia became the 18th member of the Euro system. 

Notable Market Trends 

Rapid growth of card use; contactless pilots. 

Updated Information About:

Major Issuers, Major Acquirers, Major Processors and Consumer Finance indicator. 

Statistical Key Figures for 2015 provided in this profile:

  • UPDATED: tables with card business data 2011-2015; growth rates: Y-o-Y, CAGR
  • Population, Cards per Capita, Card Value per Capita
  • Debit Cards, Credit/Delayed Debit Cards, Total Cards
  • Card payments by number and by value, ATV per card, payments per card/year
  • ATMs, POS terminals, ATMs/POS terminals per 1 million capita
  • ATM withdrawals by number/by value, ATV per withdrawal, TXs per ATM/month
  • POS payments by number/by value, ATV per POS payment, TXs per POS/month
  • Internet Use, e-payment mix, B2C e-Commerce by value and growth rate
  • Issued Card brands by individual major issuer bank
  • Accepted card brands by individual major acquirer
  • Drill down into the debit card use and credit cards use details

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