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Europe Yearbook 2016/2017

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The Payment Cards Issuing and Acquiring Statistics Yearbook gives a marketing leading and comprehensive up to date picture of the card issuing, acquiring and processing business within 33 European countries plus pan-European overview.

Our current edition of the Payment Card Yearbooks, published in January 2016, are based on end-2015 card industry figures and have a thorough overview containing a wealth of statistics drawn from central banks, interbank companies and associations and individual banks together with a detailed country-by-country breakdown of:

  • Issuer Information - issued brands by issuer
  • E-/m-commerce information, e-payments mix and statistics
  • Acquirer information - acceptance brand by acquirer
  • Mobile payment schemes and initiatives
  • Facts on major card acquirers & processors
  • ATM & POS infrastructure including Mobile Merchants and MPOS terminals
  • Basic fraud trends and statistics and notable market trends - battlefields in the payments industry.

The European Payment Card Yearbooks totals1,092 pages of analysis and statistics, with charts and tables covering:

Banking and regulatory market structure, international cards issued, domestic card schemes, acquisition and acceptance, ATM and POS transaction data, KPI’s and growth rates, e-commerce, m-commerce and NFC initiatives.

The pan-European overview contains 127 pages of analysis and EU payments statistics, with charts and tables covering international cards issued, domestic card schemes, POS & ATM payments and expenditure, per capita figures, acquisition and acceptance, KPI’s and growth rates.

Each country report comprises the following sections:


Payments overview, Banking structure, Market Infrastructure, Market Dynamics, Cash-less Payments.

Card Products:

Prepaid cards, Debit cards, Charge cards, Credit cards.

Card Issuing:

Cards brands issued, Contactless cards, Issuer processors, Major issuers

Card Statistics:

Card numbers, Card Use, POS Payments, ATM withdrawals.

Card Acquiring:

Merchant processors, Major acquirers, Detailed acquirer table, ATMs, ATM networks, POS terminals, POS networks.

B2C E-commerce:

Remote card Payments, Advanced payments, Mobile payments, M-payment initiatives.

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