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European Regional Overview 2020/2021

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The brand new, revamped, European Regional Overview provides a pan-European perspective on digital and card payments across all 33 countries of the European Yearbook. By amalgamating data from all the country reports, a dynamic picture of the continents’ payment landscape is laid out in comparative tables giving five years’ worth of data (2015 – 2019) plus annual growth rate (GR 18/19) and compound annual growth rate (5-year CAGR) figures.

Additionally, the six extensive chapters (new for 2020/2021) discuss the three competing payment ecosystems in Europe: Cash Payments; Card Payments and Open Banking (non-card digital payments):


Introduction to the new yearbook edition, important notes on the European and Eurasian Yearbooks, glossary, conventions, abbreviations and notable European organisations.

About Payments in Europe

About Payments in Europe provides an introductory overview and brief analysis of different aspects of card payments, emerging cardless payments direct from bank account and digital payment transformation. E-commerce, digital commerce infrastructure, internet use, consumer behaviour and merchant demands are also covered.

Card Payment Ecosystem in Europe

This section provides an overview regarding card payment services offered in Europe that can be used at ATM terminals, POS terminals and POS checkouts in retail outlets and in online shops. The focus of this section is to highlight selected, basic card payment services and characteristics.

Open Banking Payment Ecosystem

The objective this chapter is to provide a European overview of cardless payments (account-to-account or Open Banking payments). It therefore covers digital payment services, direct from bank accounts, offered in Europe and IBAN-based payment services used in-store at POS, in online shops and in-app.

Card Payments Overview – Market Size and Dynamics

A largely statistical chapter including figures on debit cards, credit cards and card payments. Card issuers and card fraud. Cards and payments per capita and the breakdown of cashless payments (credit transfers, direct debits, cheques and card payments).d

Card Acquiring and Acceptance

Examining card acquiring, POS acceptance and ATM acceptance across Europe, this section reviews selected comparative POS and ATM statistics from the card acquiring business point of view. In addition, the legal framework for card acceptance services, challenges for acquirers, modern merchant demands and the largest card acquirers in Europe are highlighted in this part.

Overview of European Banking

This chapter illustrate the evolution of the banking sector in western Europe and in the CEE region to date. It also highlights important market trends in European banking from a payments industry perspective.

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