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Yoyo launches omni-channel platform to redefine retail experience

Yoyo says it has combined its in-store digital payments and loyalty experience with a unique  e-commerce solution, enabling retailers to deliver the world’s first integrated and rewarding omni-channel buying experience for customers, whether they shop in-store or online.

Yoyo redefines retail experience with the launch of world’s first, truly consistent omnichannel platform

One of Europe’s fastest-growing FinTech companies, Yoyo enables its retail partners to instantly combine payment with personalised loyalty, rewards and offers, as well as deliver fully-itemised digital receipts, for customers by identifying spend and product preference behaviour through the point-of-sale.

Through this powerful payment data insight, Yoyo’s retail partners are empowered to provide their in-store customers with the hyper-personalised experiences, marketing and communications that has long dominated the world of e-commerce.

Now, in a move that is set to redefine the entire retail experience (and something that has so far eluded the retail sector), Yoyo has launched an omni-channel solution that will combine and deliver a fully secure, personalised and truly consistent customer experience, as well as hyper-targeted marketing and communications, whether customers shop with a brand in-store or online.

British supermarket chain Planet Organic, which already provides seamless payments, loyalty and rewards to its in-store customers through the Yoyo app, will be one of the first to take advantage of Yoyo’s new omni-channel platform and roll out the same rewarding experience via its e-commerce site.

“We’ve all seen what happens to merchants who fail to grapple with their e-commerce strategies or can’t deliver the right in-store experience,” says Michael Rolph, co-founder and CEO of Yoyo.

“So we’ve taken the initiative to create a revolutionary omni-channel payments, loyalty and marketing platform for retailers that combines their offering into one seamless customer experience, regardless of whether they choose to shop in-store or online.”

“Our retail partners see this new combined omni-channel platform as a massive game changer. Planet Organic, who we’ve successfully worked with for some time now, was an early adopter when it came to seeing the power of a Yoyo-led customer experience, so it was a no-brainer for them to take the next step and combine award-winning in-store payments and loyalty with their e-commerce offering.”

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