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Would You Move Jobs For A 4-Day Working Week?

Would You Move Jobs For A 4-Day Working Week?

If the idea of a four-day working week sounds like nirvana to you, then achieving ultimate employee enlightenment may not actually be that far off.

Would You Move Jobs For A 4-Day Working Week?

Thanks to not-for-profit groups and think-tanks such as 4 Day Week Global, the 4 Day Week UK Campaign and Autonomy, which are working on pioneering ideas around the future of work, new pilot programmes are rolling out to trial just that.

One such is an ambitious four-day week trial, which launched in the UK at the start of June, and which is set to run for six months – writes Kirstie McDermott, Senior Content Manager, Amply.

Around 70 UK companies, with staffing numbers of around 3,000 employees have signed up for the pilot, and employees will be following an 100:80:100 rule: 100% of the pay for 80% of their time, for which they’ll be expected to maintain 100% productivity.

It’s not just across tech firms either: companies taking part are involved in food and beverage businesses, digital marketing, online retail, skincare, animation, automotive supply, banking, IT software training, recruiting and many more industries.

While proof of concept has yet to happen in the UK, there have been positive signs elsewhere. In Japan, when Microsoft trialled a four-day work week, productivity improved by 40%.

In Belgium, a version of the four-day working week is also in place. From February, Belgian employees can work a full week in four days without any loss of pay. However, they are required to compress their hours – not do less.

Further trials are on the way: “Similar programmes are set to start in the US and Ireland, with more planned for Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” says Joe Ryle, director of the 4 Day Week UK Campaign.

So if you see your working life with rather less hours in it, then this is one issue you’re going to want to put a pin in. For now, remote or hybrid working offers the flexibility that many of us are looking for post-pandemic.

We’ve got three great roles that offer remote working, and there are plenty more opportunities on the Payments Cards & Mobile Job Board too.

Senior Frontend Engineer, Crowdcube

The Role: The Senior Frontend Engineer will join Crowdcube’s talented engineering team. You will have the opportunity to help define how the company does front-end and will deliver the best possible experience for customers. This is flexible, and you can work remotely within the UK or Barcelona.

The Responsibilities: You will be part of a team who sets out what the company builds and how it does it. You will be influencing discussions around architecture and will play a key part in conversations about the evolution of the platform.

The Requirements: You’ll need an excellent understanding of JavaScript, high proficiency in TypeScript and React as well as good knowledge of React libraries and frameworks such as Redux and NextJS, Experience with server-side rendering (React) and server-side JavaScript as well as an understanding on accessibility best practices are required.

The Senior Frontend Engineer role is available here, as are more opportunities at Crowdcube.

Senior Software Engineer – Frontend, Juni

The Role: The Senior Software Engineer – Frontend, will tackle convoluted problems and develop clean, stable solutions that scale. You will have a genuine passion for designing and implementing elegant software solutions and will be very familiar and up to date with the development ecosystem for making sound decisions when it comes to choosing the right tool or library for the job.

The Responsibilities: You’ll play a focal role in the development of user interfaces for Juni’s web-based product and will help to build its engineering culture as it grows. You will provide technical leadership around the frontend and will have exceptional knowledge.

The Requirements: A strong knowledge of React, Typescript, Babel, Webpack or equivalents and building single page web applications as well as the ability to autonomously make technical choices that help to solve business problems.

Find out more about the Senior Software Engineer – Frontend job and browse other roles at Juni.

Senior Software Engineer – Financial Platform (Europe), Cash App

The Role: The Senior Software Engineer – Financial Platform is part of Cash App’s acquiring team, which builds and maintains the systems that handle card payments, enabling funds to flow both to and from cards issued around the world.

The Responsibilities: You will design, build and support the core systems used to power all transactions on Cash App, break existing monoliths into event-driven microservices and creatively solve challenging technical problems at scale.

The Requirements: You will have more than six years’ of experience delivering quality software, a natural curiosity to learn new technologies, solve interesting problems as well as a desire to find flaws in a system with many moving parts, and take whatever steps are necessary to fix them.

Information on the The Senior Software Engineer – Financial Platform role is available here, as are more jobs at Cash App.

To explore career opportunities that work for you, whether that’s WFH, hybrid or fully remote, check out the Payments Cards & Mobile Job Board


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