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Worldline deepens its stablecoin play with launch of “DaVinci Gold” token

Worldline has announced a strategic co-operation with Gold Global Currency, to offer the DaVinci Gold token based on Worldline’s stablecoin management infrastructure.

This initiative further expands the capability of Worldline’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform and will assist towards fulfilling the company’s goals to be in the forefront of stablecoin and Blockchain technology.

The DAM Platform is the first asset management solution in the stablecoin category to take advantage of a private Blockchain with full control, guaranteeing security, scalability and longevity of the solution.

The Worldline DAM platform is designed to manage any type of an asset’s lifecycle within a given business process, amidst the various parties participating in this product or service.

As a result of the strategic partnership agreed with Gold Global, the Worldline DAM platform brings to life the DaVinci Gold purchasing solution. The first of its kind, it allows consumers to buy, save and sell genuine physical gold coins or 24-carat hallmarked bullion.

Leveraging years of Blockchain academic and operational experience, previously embodied by the first Blockchain-based Food Traceability label with Bureau Veritas in March 2018, Worldline has explored the numerous existing business problems that a secured and powerful Blockchain-serviced Asset Management platform can resolve.

Whether someone wants to trace metal-backed crypto-currencies like DaVinci Coins, genuine certificates, loyalty schemes, fiat-based crypto-currencies (like CBDCs) or local currencies, the DAM platform provides all the required services and features, ranging from high value/low volumes to low value/high volumes products.

“Blockchain was originally designed to provide exactly this type of service and facilitate the native exchange of digital assets between infrastructure participants,” says Nicolas Kozakiewicz, Blockchain Fellow Expert & Innovation Executive Advisor at Worldline.

“This technology brings increased security, accountability, and necessary transparency, combined with complete automation. The Blockchain revolutionizes the way valuable digital information is exchanged.

“While the DAM Platform was first applied to stablecoins and CBDCs, it is perfectly suited for many other sectors, such as retailing and loyalty schemes, intra-group industrial offsets, public/urban transport. Creating an industry-grade ready-to-deploy asset manipulation infrastructure was a long-time need hardly solved, until Blockchain technologies came to real maturity.”

 Worldline deepens its stablecoin play

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