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UK retailers expect levels of e-commerce to increase over the next six months

New research reveals that over the next six months 35% of UK adults expect the level of their e-commerce to increase compared to 18% who anticipate it will fall.

Overall, 33% of people expect to do more shopping online because they have become more used to doing this during the COVID-19 lockdown, and 30% say it’s because they will want to visit high streets and shopping centres less to reduce their chances of catching the virus. Around 24% say their e-commerce was increasing anyway, and others say it’s rising because they can find better deals online.

JGOO says it is now more important than ever for UK retailers to have a strong online proposition not only for their home market, but for overseas markets that have high demand for online goods, such as China.

In terms of e-commerce shopping for different product types over the next six months, JGOO’s research found 39% of people expect to be buying more of their food in this way compared to 7% who think they will be buying less, and 29% think their online shopping for clothes will rise compared to 27% who think it will fall.

Over the next six months what will happen to your level of online shopping for the following items


Decrease Stay the same

Don’t know



7% 50%




27% 42%




18% 43%


Electrical goods


20% 54%


Goods in general


18% 43%


“The Coronavirus crisis has resulted in people buying more goods online, and a wider variety of items in this way,” says Richard Morecroft, Co-Founder of JGOO. “More than ever, it’s imperative for retailers to have a strong online proposition as customers increasingly want to buy goods when they want to, and through a variety of channels.

UK retailers also need to look overseas – the reputation for British companies and goods is very high and they need to find ways to capitalise on this, and having a strong online proposition is key to this.

Our research reveals 76% of Chinese citizens who have previously bought British goods online plan to increase their online expenditure in 2020 when compared to last year. Reasons for this include British goods are becoming more fashionable in China, and 23% of Chinese people who took part in our survey said it was because the profile of the UK had risen as a result of recent developments such as Brexit and the issues concerning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Demand from Chinese citizens for ‘Brand UK’ is increasing and British companies need to find a way to capitalise on this if they can, Morecroft concludes”

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