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With card-not-present fraud a global concern, many countries have deployed various fraud prevention tools to help curb fraud in both online and mobile channels. In this report, the U.S. Payments Forum has reviewed experiences from countries around the world to assist the US payments industry in mitigating card-not-present fraud. Globally, card-not-present fraud includes telephone, Internet, and mail-order [...]

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There are a lot of moving parts in the US payments landscape with the ongoing EMV migration to chip technology, growth in mobile payments and contactless payments, and the increasing need to secure the card-not-present environment – all of which need support from and coordination with the entire payments ecosystem. With the expanding needs of [...]

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The U.S. Payments Forum has released its winter 2017 market snapshot, providing updates on the status of the US EMV chip migration, 2017 priorities for accelerating merchant chip enablement and securing the card-not-present channel, and recently-released resources for the payments industry. The U.S. Payments Forum, a cross-industry body focused on deployment of new and emerging payments [...]

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