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Silk Way Bank launch Payments.iQ for payment terminals in azerbaijan

Silk Way Bank launched a new successful project in Azerbaijan, based on Payments.iQ, within the framework of the program to improve customer service and popularise cashless payments.


Silk Way Bank launch Payments.iQ for payment terminals in Azerbaijan

SWPay is a payment terminals network with the automated payment management system Payments.iQ, developed by the Lithuanian bank technology company BS/2.

Payments via SWPay terminals are made immediately, and the customer receives a receipt after the transaction is completed. The main SWPay advantage is the wide range of payments made in one terminal.

The client can pay for utilities and mobile connection, make SW Bank loan repayment, online transfer to bank cards or government payments, for which it is necessary to connect to the State payment system. Сustomers can pay administrative fines, state duties, taxes and other payments to the customs committee, the migration service via SWPay.

A wide range of payments is possible due to the rich functionality of the implemented software Payments.iQ. This solution allows customers to provide information and payment services, process payments information, automate retail and banking activities, and manage self-service terminals networks.

Payments.iQ was recognized as the Best Banking Solution during the Regional Partner Summit Europe 2013, organized by Wincor Nixdorf (now Diebold Nixdorf). Automated payment management system allows making payments quickly and easily, thereby speeding the customer service and optimizing staff costs.

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