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PayPal makes big move in support of passkey

PayPal makes big move in support of passkey

PayPal says that it is introducing support for passkey, providing what it says will be an easier and more secure login method for PayPal accounts.


PayPal makes big move in support of passkey

Passkeys are an industry standard developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium and act as a new type of login credential that replaces passwords with cryptographic key pairs.

They are resistant to phishing attempts and are designed to avoid sharing passkey data between platforms, addressing the weakness of current password-based authentication.

Passkeys are supported by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, who have pledged to bring the FIDO Alliance standard to their respective OSes.

Apple integrated passkeys into iOS with the launch of iOS 16, and it is also available in iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura.

PayPal says that passkey logins will be available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users on the PayPal website, and it will expand to other platforms in the future.

Passkeys replace passwords, and will allow users to log in without remembering a password.

PayPal passkeys will start rolling out immediately to customers in the US and will become available in additional countries early in 2023, and on additional technology platforms as they add support for passkeys.

To create a passkey, PayPal users can log in to the website and then choose the “Create a passkey” option. Passkeys on iOS and Mac devices sync with iCloud Keychain for security purposes, and logins are authenticated with Face ID or Touch ID.


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