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ONPEX announce partnership with The Flying Merchant

ONPEX has announced a new partnership with The Flying Merchant, a global provider of high risk merchant services.

While traditional PSPs might shy away from offering merchant accounts to high risk online

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ONPEX announce partnership with The Flying Merchant

businesses (such as dating, gambling, forex /binary options, etc.), The Flying Merchant is keen on providing the most daring merchants direct merchant accounts with top-tier, high-risk friendly banks and financial institutions worldwide.

The Flying Merchant is using the ONPEX white-label payment platform to offer their own branded gateway services, increase their connectivity to different acquirers globally and accept payments through alternative payment methods and in multiple currencies.

“The benefits we will get from this partnership are significant. Firstly, ONPEX give us a flexible technical platform that is really one of the best platforms we’ve seen in many years,” explains Dan Segev, The Flying Merchant’s Chief Executive Officer.

The technology is well designed, it has an elegant, user-friendly UI and it offers specific features that enable us to quickly connect our merchants to an extensive global acquiring network which further complements our existing international network of high risk friendly acquirers.


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