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MPOS not just for micro merchants

Handpoint launched its new Chip and PIN mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) system for small, medium and enterprise merchants.

“Mobile Point-Of-Sale is not just for micro merchants,” says David Gudjonsson, CEO and co-founder of Handpoint. “There has been tremendous adoption of mPOS by micro-merchants, but security compliance and IT integration have created cost and complexity barriers for larger merchants. Our system has been designed from the ground up to overcome these challenges; the combination of our API and P2PE security significantly reduces the time and cost it takes for merchants to introduce Chip and PIN payments with mobile devices. This means that all merchants, irrespective of size, can focus on how MPOS can transform the customer experience they provide.”

The Handpoint Chip & PIN API enables merchants to easily adopt mPOS across multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, PC, WinMobile/WinCE) and integrate mPOS with their existing checkout systems. The API is also supported by an extensive Software Development Kit (SDK).

Handpoint mPOS meets the most stringent mobile payment security standards in the world.  It uses point-to-point encryption – immediately encrypting card data on the card reader and transmitting it via Handpoint’s PCI-compliant Gateway – in line with the latest PCI P2PE standard. This means merchants can use their existing mobile and PC checkout systems without having to undergo additional costly security certification processes. In fact, compliance with PCI standards will be possible with a simple self-assessment form.

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