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MPOS driving retail mobilization – improving the retail experience

Miura Systems has released a new report which stresses the importance of mPOS and retail mobilization for the improving customer experience and ultimately growing sales in-store.

This is an independent research report that examines the opinions and insights of all the major ‘stakeholders’ involved in the modern retail shopping experience. These included customers and retailers – from frontline shop-floor employees to senior decision makers.

In it, the researchers too an holistic approach in finding outhow Retail Mobilization and the rise of mPOS systems are changing and enhancing retail. The aim was to give a true picture of retail shopping in Britain today.

THE GOODMPOS - retail mobilisation

All three parties we spoke to in this report agreed: the world of retail is changing. Online shopping has impacted how customers like to purchase in a bricks and mortar retail space – they expect efficiency and speed.But for many retailers, offline shopping shouldn’t just replicate the automation of online. It should still be an engaging, enjoyable and above all ‘human’ experience.

The payment process has to improve. Perceptions of the current payment process are poor. And this is mainly down to, as previously discussed, the queue. Queues are putting staff in the firing line for complaints, leading to disgruntled shoppers and staff. This in turn impacts on staff retention and the general atmosphere of the store and, ultimately, lost revenue.

MPOS - retail mobilisation

Chip and PIN needs a reboot. Old-fashioned payment systems do retailers no favours. Again, this may well be down to the Apple-effect on shopping. Design is now playing an enormous part in the retail store experience.

MPOS - retail mobilisation

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