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Mobile apps generate 50% of retailer mobile transactions

Criteo has released its State of Mobile Commerce Report, revealing that mobile apps generate almost 50% of mobile transactions for some of the largest ecommerce players who have made their app experience a priority, due to much higher conversion rates than mobile browser or even desktop.

In addition, 40% of ecommerce transactions now involve more than one device as

A graph showing Retail Mobile Conversion Rates

Retail Mobile Conversion Rates

smartphones, desktops and tablets are used in a variety of combinations to research and make purchasing decisions.

“The customer purchase journey has become increasingly complex as consumers have stopped using a single device to make their purchases,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer, Criteo. “Delivering an engaging app experience and connecting seamlessly with consumers across multiple devices are

A graph showing Mobile Share of Retail eCommerce Transactions

Mobile Share of Retail eCommerce Transactions

key to capturing ecommerce sales in this new world.”

The findings in this report are based on Criteo’s analysis of 1.4 billion individual ecommerce transactions totaling over $160 billion of annual sales globally. Additional key takeaways include:

  •  Mobile is huge: US mobile transactions now account for more than 30% of all ecommerce transactions and are expected to reach 33% by the end of the year in the US and 40% globally. Leading the charge are fashion, luxury and travel verticals where one in three transactions are now on mobile devices.
  • Optimize or bust: Sites that are optimized for mobile see a 3.4% conversion rate
    A chart showing Cross-Device Share of Retail eCommerce Transactions

    Cross-Device Share of Retail eCommerce Transactions

    more than double that of non-optimized sites where only 1.6% of consumers convert.

“Consumer adoption of mobile continues to be the biggest trend in both ecommerce and advertising today, and the pace of growth remains astounding,” said Wolf. “Marketers’ ability to leverage new technologies to accurately identify and reach consumers wherever they are is going to become critical as this trend continues towards a world where the majority of transactions will take place across multiple devices.”

Download the complete report State of Mobile Commerce Report.


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