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MePIN releases PSD2 authentication for non-smartphones

MePIN releases PSD2 authentication for non-smartphones

MePIN has released a new addition to their universal authentication platform.

MePIN now simplifies and secures the lives of banks, payment service providers and their legacy users, by

MePIN releases PSD2 authentication

      MePIN releases PSD2 authentication                           for non- smartphones

allowing the service providers to distribute simple and cost efficient offline hardware tokens to their non-smartphone users for strong authentication.

Technically MePIN supports OCRA (the OATH Challenge-Response Algorithm) authentication protocols, enabling non-smartphone users to securely authorize and sign payments using OATH standard compliant hardware tokens. With the token the user can simply type the payment amount and payee number, or scan the information using an integrated camera, and authorize the payment with a response code shown by the token.

Tokens can also be protected with a PIN code. MePIN can provide customized hardware tokens or the service provider can order any standard OATH OCRA compliant devices from other vendors.

“Banks and Payment Service Providers need a complete solution, fit for all users and use cases,” says Markku Mehtälä, Founder and CEO of MePIN / Meontrust Inc. “We want to improve our offering constantly, this time by providing a future proof solution which works securely also for the legacy non-smartphone users without creating a vendor lock-in to a certain hardware token vendor or model.”

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