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Let’s get phygital – Why digital and physical banking will merge

Let’s get phygital – Why digital and physical banking will merge

A free upcoming webinar by Payments Cards & Mobile and Giesecke and Devrient (G+D) invites payments professionals to join the debate about banking’s phygital future – that is, a fusion between physical (think branches and ATMs) and digital payments and banking services.

For almost a decade, debate in banking and payments has focused on the rise of digital-only banks and the provision of online payment services.

Despite years of rumours to the contrary, physical branches and in-person shopping are not dead – even if e-commerce now accounts for one dollar in ten of all spending in markets such as the UK, Sweden and Norway, and all banking customers in Europe now use online banking to some extent.

Those wishing to participate in our webinar will have the opportunity to discuss banking’s phygital future with fellow payments professionals and a panel of experts including senior neo-bank professionals and thought leaders from G+D.

Inspired by the recent G+D white paper which draws on new research commissioned from GlobalData, Opportunities in the Phygital Landscape, this webinar will discuss the implications of a phygital future for payment and banking strategies, including:

  • 5x more banking professionals want to improve physical experiences such as ATMs, PoS terminals and branches than are seeking to replace them with digital-only solutions;
  • Consumers – even those who hold digital-only bank accounts – are also looking for the personal touch delivered through physical channels. For this reason, digital-only banks are now seeking footholds in the physical world, even as traditional high-street banks move online.
  • The influence which both neo-banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) are having on the future of banking, including their role in the physical side of banking service provision;
  • How services are merging across silos, such that marketplaces are now providing products traditionally considered to be the province of banks, while banks are partnering with retailers to create fresh revenue streams from innovative new services.

Sign up for our webinar to hear how global trends such as the advent of remote kiosk banking – in which customer authentication is completed within seconds, and new payment cards can be printed in minutes – are changing the future of the industry.

We will also examine how more powerful and flexible card products are causing experts to rethink the perception of cards as a legacy technology, and how outsourcing banking infrastructure is set to grow as a trend over the next 3-5 years.

Moderated by Alex Rolfe, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director at Payments Cards and Mobile, this webinar is a must-attend for senior executives in payments and banking. Follow this link to register.


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