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Jumio launches ID scanning product

Jumio a mobile payments and credentials management company, announced the availability of Jumio Fastfill, a service that automates key entry of personal customer information, by ID scanning, in mobile apps, providing a faster and more convenient way for consumers to open accounts, complete web registration forms, and remove friction from the check-out process.

Fastfill provides value to any business with a mobile app and a process that requires the customer to provide personal data in order to establish a relationship or transaction. Through its patented use of computer vision technology, Jumio offers on-the-go customers a faster and more convenient way to complete a sign-up or checkout.

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Jumio announced the availability of Jumio Fastfill

Today, many businesses waste significant resources attracting prospects to their mobile apps only to have them abandon the sign-up process because it was never properly designed for the mobile customer and the small screen.

With Fastfill, customers simply tap the “Scan ID” button seamlessly integrated into a business’ mobile app, hold their ID up to the device camera, and their personal data is extracted from the ID credential and populated into the new account form in an instant. Those customers wishing to engage in traditional data entry may utilise that standard functionality instead.

“Consumer behaviour on mobile devices is maturing and now its commonplace for us to apply for loans, and open a bank or brokerage account on our phones – indeed more than a third (37%) of Europeans are already using mobile banking,” explains Daniel Mattes, CEO, Jumio.

“However, latest research shows that nearly half (45%) of UK adults have abandoned all online transactions (including account opening) due to frustration over the length and complexity of the identity validation and security checks.”

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