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IsBank enables mobile prestaging at 5,000 ATMs

IsBank enables mobile prestaging at 5,000 ATMs

Turkey-based SoftTech has developed IsCep, a cash withdrawal service that integrates the mobile banking platform of Turkey’s IsBank with the bank’s ATMs. The system reduces transaction time at the ATM to just 10 seconds.

The system uses the IsCep mobile channel for user authentication and transaction data collection, information that is used to create a pre-staged cash withdrawal at the ATM. Once the customer has set up the mobile transaction all that is required to complete it is to scan a QR code on the ATM monitor with the smartphone.

The cardless transaction eliminates the need for PIN entry, account selection and amount entry at the ATM, said SoftTech in a release about the new program, according to a SoftTech news release. The transaction can be staged by the customer while waiting in line at the ATM, or even before.

The service requires no hardware installation and is ATM model-agnostic, which has allowed IsBank to quickly and easily enable all of its 5,000 ATMs for the service, SoftTech said.

According to the SoftTech release, the service has seen widespread adoption among IsBank customers, particularly those who were already using the bank’s mobile banking application. 

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