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Fashion retailer, Blue Inc adds Ukash

Blue Inc, a UK based fashion retailer, has signed up with online cash payment provider, Ukash. Recognising the importance of giving online customers the convenience, security

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Ukash continues to impress online

and choice of paying with cash, shoppers at www.blueinc.co.uk are now being given the option to use Ukash at the check-out.

According to Ukash research, 18-24 year olds are the biggest fans of using cash online, favoured by over half. As well as this, recent research from WorldPay found that 82% of online shoppers prefer a range of payment options over credit and debit cards. The addition of Ukash to the Blue Inc website is, therefore, seen as an important tool in reducing basket abandonment at check-out, thereby increasing sales.

“Blue Inc. is committed to putting a strong emphasis on the customer experience both in store and online,” said Ajay Nassa, Head of E-commerce of Blue Inc.  “By adding a cash payment method to our website, we are eliminating barriers for consumers who would otherwise need to visit our stores to pay with cash. Ukash enables Blue Inc to be wholly inclusive and we think this is an important differentiator for our brand.”

“Our research shows that younger consumers enjoy the convenience of online cash, as well as benefitting from the fact that they don’t have to provide personal details online. Plus, by paying with cash, they can budget more effectively,” explains Miranda McLean, Marketing Director at Ukash.

“Our research has also shown that Ukash is well suited to smaller value purchases, which are important ‘door openers’ for brands like Blue Inc.  81% of consumers said they prefer to use cash for purchases of £10 or less which may be easy when popping into the shops, but could be a potential barrier to sales online. Paying by cash online also overcomes the fraud fears of many consumers with over a third (39%) of shoppers saying that they have abandoned an online transaction because they thought they were being asked for too much personal information.”

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