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DataCash launches next generation global fraud & risk management solution

Global payments services provider, DataCash – a MasterCard company, today announces the launch of GateKeeper:2.0. Aimed at online merchants and acquiring banks from a white label perspective, Gatekeeper:2.0 utilises advanced technologies and innovation to offer superior end-to-end fraud monitoring, detection and prevention. 

Merchants that utilise the solution are able to detect fraud and risk and crucially identify genuine customers with pin-point accuracy, regardless of the channel or geographic market that the transaction originated from.

This ensures merchants are able to mitigate the direct impact of fraud, optimise the overall experience for their legitimate customers and capitalise on the growth opportunities associated with geographic expansion and multi-channel commerce.

With GateKeeper:2.0, Merchants:

·         Reduce costs of fraud  with an average chargeback rates of less than 0.1%

·         Increase web sales revenues – one case study merchant saw up to a 54% increase over a four year period, whilst web sales fraud was reduced by 88%

·         Increase efficiency – through reduction in transactions sent for manual reviews & resourceful handling of small number that do require review.

·         Enhance visibility and control as able to process, manage and report on all transactions despite currency, geography and payment type through one solution.

GateKeeper:2.0 builds upon DataCash’s existing GateKeeper platform, which has been developed with over 14 years of global fraud & risk management experience in high risk business sectors. The GateKeeper solution currently screens over 30 million transactions per month, from 30,000 merchants across 180 countries worldwide. This includes one case study merchant which increased its sales from €560 to €860 million as a result of GateKeeper’s intelligent fraud management approach. In the on-going battle against the evolving nature of fraud, these developments will secure GateKeeper’s precise ability to detect whether a transaction is fraudulent or genuine.

 “GateKeeper:2.0 has been developed in collaboration with MasterCard to completely revamp fraud & risk management for merchants,” states DataCash President, Ajay Bhalla. “The current payment landscape is rapidly evolving to offer merchants more and more global growth opportunities. GateKeeper:2.0 is a universal solution which enables them to take advantage of this, without putting their reputation & revenues at risk.”

MasterCard’s continual investment and combination of technology and expertise has resulted in this industry leading solution suite, which is outlined further in this video.

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