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A strong start for Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay has exceeded 500,000 subscribers after its introduction to the South Korean nation on August 20, and both the ICT industry and Samsung Electronics are apparently surprised.

When Hana SK Card was launched in 2010, the credit card company set a goal to secure

A Samsung Galaxy making a Samsung Pay transaction

Samsung Pay is gearing up for launch

500,000 members per year while betting on mobile payments. However, Samsung Pay has already achieved the number less than one month after its release. If this trend continues, it seems to be only a matter of time to surpass 1 million subscribers in 1 to 2 months – according to Business Korea.

Samsung Electronics is also accelerating efforts to roll out its mobile payment service to other countries based on its huge popularity at home. The Korean tech giant is going to release Samsung Pay to China as early as the end of this year, following the US on September 28. Afterwards, it is planning to target Europe, including the UK and Spain.

To achieve its goal, Samsung has already secured distribution networks by forging partnerships with major financial companies overseas. In the US, the tech firm is a partner company of Bank of America, U.S. Bank, Visa, and MasterCard. In China, Samsung is finalizing its partnership with China UnionPay, the largest card issuer in China.

An official at a Chinese financial firm said, “UnionPay is also nurturing its mobile QuickPass card service, and it is discussing the issue of connecting its service to Samsung Pay.” Considering that UnionPay issues around 5 billion credit and check cards in China and has 22 million affiliated stores nationwide, the partnership between the two companies is expected to create synergy.

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