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5 things to add to your CV in 2023

5 things to add to your CV in 2023

If you work in tech there’s no ignoring the current headlines surrounding mass layoffs at some of the biggest and most established names in the sector. January alone has seen Amazon announce 18,000 employee cuts, Microsoft is terminating the employment of 10,000 and Google’s parent company Alphabet plans to offload 12,000 workers.

5 things to add to your CV in 2023

While overly ambitious hiring programmes during the pandemic are partly to blame for the revision and restructuring of resources, the logic behind these measures is cold comfort to the thousands of people who suddenly find themselves out of a job. This is compounded by the fact that the competition for current openings is fiercer than ever, meaning job seekers have to work hard to cut through the deluge of applicants – writes Aoibhinn Mc Bride, Content Editor, Jobbio.

In fact, according to online resume builder Zety, only 10% of job applications result in interviews, and job seekers need to send between 30-50 resumes to get hired. The best way to get started is to craft a stellar CV that makes you stand out from the crowd.

While a lot of us think this involves a snazzily designed template or managing to cram all the essential info onto one page, to truly make your skills and experience sing, you’ll need to elevate your credentials in the following ways.

Results over responsibilities

Future employers don’t want to know what you did at your last or current job, they want to know how you did it. With this in mind, instead of listing your day-to-day responsibilities, illustrate what you did with that responsibility. Stating “managed a team of five” doesn’t really reveal anything, but stating, “led a team of five to grow revenue by 400%” is much more impactful.

Durable skills

For a long time, hard skills ruled the roost. And while tech workers in particular need to have proficiency in technical skills, soft or durable skills like leadership, collaboration, communication and critical thinking are what will set you apart from other applicants. 


Want to beat the ATS bots? It’s now believed 99% of Fortune 500 Companies use applicant tracking software (ATS) to screen CVs before they reach the right hands so gleaning keywords from the job description and weaving them into your skills and experience is essential.

Power words

Akin to durable skills, power words highlight impressive achievements or personal attributes and bolster a sense of ownership and authority. Examples of power words include ‘achieved’, ‘developed’, ‘coordinated’, ‘orchestrated’ and ‘adapted’.

Industry insights

Akin to durable skills, power words highlight impressive achievements or personal attributes and bolster a sense of ownership and authority. Examples of power words include ‘achieved’, ‘developed’, ‘coordinated’, ‘orchestrated’ and ‘adapted’.

Knowing what the competition is doing is always beneficial. Giving practical examples of how well you know the industry, while hinting at the potential insights you could bring to your next role is an invaluable addition to your CV. This is where the addition of a cover letter to accompany your CV comes in handy. While you might not think they’re as important, according to Jobbio’s Hiring Intelligence Report 2022, 46% of hiring managers say a well-crafted cover letter immediately sets an applicant apart from the competition.

Ready to flex your new and improved CV and start applying for your next role? The Payments, Cards and Mobile Job Board has hundreds of opportunities in companies that are currently hiring like the three below.

Fullstack Software Development Engineer – Payer Experience, GoCardless, London

GoCardless is a global leader in account-to-account payments and as a Fullstack Software Development Engineer  – Payer Experience you’ll work across both front and back end stack to help build and maintain tools and flows, and work with the design, data science and business intelligence teams to create high impact end-user-facing products. Applicants will need experience building web products and services, and have an awareness of technologies across the stack. And while knowledge of programming languages is a plus, GoCardless is happy to teach the right candidate if they don’t have experience with Ruby, Go, Typescript or React. See more details about this role here.

Platform Engineer, Zilch UK, London

Zilch is the world’s first Commerce Card and is hiring a Platform Engineer to work in an agile environment on systems that are critical for customers, support. You’ll optimise Zilch’s critical systems for performance, fault-tolerance, security, reliability and cost, and continually improve systems, practices and knowledge. The ideal candidate will have experience supporting SQL Server, Kubernetes, AWS systems including CloudFront, API Gateway, NLB, and RDS, knowledge of caching systems like Redis or Memcached and knowledge of supporting REST integrated systems, along with a good understanding of Terraform. You can apply for this job here.

Senior Audit Manager Finance and Borrowing, Monzo, London

Internal audit is Monzo’s “Third Line of Defence” (3LoD) and it is currently hiring a Senior Audit Manager Finance and Borrowing to support a team of three fellow auditors and lead audit delivery. Day-to-day you’ll be expected to support the development and execution of a flexible audit plan in accordance with internal audit methodologies and regulatory requirements, build strong relationships with stakeholders and form an independent view of whether the key risks to the organisation have been identified. Although this hybrid role is based out of London, Monzo is willing to help international candidates relocate to the UK, including visa sponsorship. View the full job description here.

For more great job opportunities, visit the Payments, Cards and Mobile Job Board today



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